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Race Nutrition for the Traveling Athlete

Every December I plan out my races for the year. Since we don’t live by many triathlon races and with my love for travel I tend to pick a couple of destination races so my family and I can enjoy ‘racecations’. I have traveled to Europe, different parts of Canada and all over the US getting to experience the cities a little differently than if I would have just visited them on vacation. Over the years one of my biggest challenges is what should I bring to fuel on race day. This is a big decision for any athlete but travelling across boarders brings additional challenges and restrictions.

I frequently am asked what do I race with when I travel so I thought I would write today’s blog about it. I do change it up all of the time and do use real whole food but I also use packaged fuel and Carbboom! Is my go to energy gel. I find that it give me the extra energy that I need during intense cycling workouts and are easy to carry on me during the run.

Why Carbboom! are my go to energy gels:

  • Contains real fruit puree

  • Taste like actual fruit

  • Easy to travel with

  • Easy to open during workouts/races

  • Easy to swallow and digest during endurance workouts/races

  • They contain sufficient of amount carb

My favourite flavour is Strawberry kiwi. Depending on the race distance I will take 2-3 per hour as they meet my carb and caloric needs. I do need to supplement with additional sodium to get me through those longer distances.

Carbboom! Has supplied us with a Friends & Family discount code for 20% OFF for any US deliveries. Use discount code: T8AFCE

Check out their product here:

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