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Celebrating the people that The Athlete's Palate has helped acheive their goals. I have worked with many athlete's to improve their health, nutrition and enable them to reach their ultimate sports performance!

The Athlete's Palate has given me exactly what I needed! After a year of monthly migraines, and digestion issues, I was in need of holistic nutritional counselling, and Julie from Athlete's Palate offered me exactly that.  I don't like taking medicine to mask symptoms and was beginning to think I was going to have to live with my issues, or get on board with a mainstream medical approach to my ailments.  After speaking with Julie, during one-on-one and interview-style questionnaire forms, it wasn't long and I had a complete assessment with recommendations to begin implementing into my lifestyle approach.  Everything Julie suggested I change, and/or introduce, has wholly improved my quality of life.  My symptoms have either drastically decreased, or been eliminated all together, and I haven't had a migraine since!  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Julie, and would recommend The Athlete's Palate as a beneficial way to optimize nutritional and lifestyle balance."

- C.G

"I can't thank Julie at The Athlete's Palate enough for her help. I have completed in sports my entire life but never felt I was getting the most out of myself, I felt fit, but not healthy. Since working with Julie I am now competing at a different level. Working with Julie to come up with a proper diet for training and her teaching the fundamentals of holistic nutrition I am in the best shape of my life. I recover faster so I can train harder, as well I sleep better and have more energy so my professional life has improved as well! If you're serious about your health and performance, trust me, give Julie a call!

- S.H

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