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6 Ways to Eat Less Junk Food

Sometimes life gets so busy because we try and do it all – spend time with family, friends, training, races, or events. It’s so easy to fall into the trap so we buy quick and easy processed foods on the go. Even though sometimes those foods are not quicker to make or easier to buy. Here are 6 ways that you can add more whole foods into your diet so that you can have the energy that you need to “do it all”

Eat vegetables.

Incorporate vegetable into all of your main meals throughout the day. Add them to your rice, pasta, sandwiches, and to your side dishes.

Eat fruit.

When craving something sweet grab a piece of fruit. This will help satisfy your sweet tooth.


If you are a meat eater, it’s best to choose organic, grass-fed, and hormone-free so you get the maximum nutrients possible without the harmful pesticides residue, hormones, antibiotics, etc.

The Minimalistic Kitchen.

By keeping minimal food in your kitchen means that you’re more likely to only keep food in your house that has an expiry date. Fill your fridge and pantry with healthy food choices that are ready to eat and go. Snacks like nuts, seeds, or fruit are good for ‘grab and go’.

5 Ingredients.

Only buy products with 5 ingredients or less and with ingredients that you can pronounce this will help reduce chemicals and overly processed foods that have lower nutrients.

Travel with Snacks.

Never leave the house without food especially if you are planning to be away from home for more than 2 hours. Remember, eating healthy foods on a regular basis will help you avoid unhealthy choices. Make up some of your own trail mix (avoid ready made trail mix as most of them have hydrogenated oils and other undesirable processed ingredients) or bring a small cooler to keep in the car.

Most importantly, don’t be too rigid, and remember that making small changes over time will make a huge difference, and it makes the changes easier to stick to.

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