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Santevia Review

Water is the most important substance in the human body and on earth. It’s in all of our bodily fluids and is in almost every bodily function. Water transports electrolytes that help make electric currents in our body. It is imperative that we nourish our body with good quality water so that our bodies function optimally.

I received my Santevia counter top Alkeline gravity system a few months ago and so far it have been great. Here is my review on the system.


Putting together the system is very simple. Before the system can be used the filters need to be properly cleaned but once that is done everything goes together easily and intuitively.

How it works

Once the system is clean and ready to go its time to fill and start drinking some water! The Santevia gravity water system uses and 8 stage filtering system that both removes harmful chemicals and adds healthy minerals. It is designed to mimic the earths own natural water purifications systems.

Here are the filters – ceramic pre-filter, granular activated coconut carbon, silica sand, mineral stone infusion, energy balls, mineral stone immersion, magnetic energy tap.


Obviously since the water has to go through so many filters and it only uses gravity to push the water though, it take a bit of time – about 12 hrs to empty the upper tank. That said, I haven’t really had any issues with keeping it full and with plenty of clean water to drink. The upper tank is very easy to fill and all I do is keep a pitcher out and fill it from my kitchen tap whenever it gets a bit low and before I go to bed or work.

The nozzle is a good height and is designed to fit a standard drinking glass easily. I often use it to fill my kettle (for tea or coffee) or pots (for cooking) and it is not a problem if you are able to hang to nozzle over the edge of a counter top. It flows quickly and the nozzle does a great job stopping the flow of water and not dripping after the valve is closed.

The filter life is pretty good. We will be needing to replace the 5-stage filter soon (every six month) and the ceramic pre-filter after a year. The mineral stones last 2-3 years. Based off of the cost from the Santevia website, this averages out to about $135 CDN per year. Not bad for something that you will use multiple times every day.


Its hard to describe but the water just tastes cleaner. There is absolutely no odor and somehow if just feels more nourishing. We have done blind taste tests and can pick out the Santevia water every time.

Since there is no way you can fit the Santevia system in your fridge, you will have to get used drinking room temperature water. I though initially this would be an issue for me, but it isn’t at all – I quickly got used to it and now prefer it over cold water. Plus room temperature water aids in digestion, improves blood circulation and helps you lose weight!

Gravity Water System - Countertop Model


Bottom line – I would definitely recommend purchasing a Santevia Counter-top Alkeline Gravity Water System. The water tastes great, it’s easy to use and keep filled, it looks good and most importantly it will help make you healthier as it will help replenish the minerals that were lost during workouts.

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