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Healthy Snacks - Muffins!

This is the third post in the series healthy snack options for Athletes – Muffins (Here's the link to the first and second post in case you missed it)!

Have you ever been sitting at your desk and you find that the donuts that you colleague brought in are calling your name? Sometimes snack cravings can be so strong that even a strong willed clean eater will cave into unhealthy snacks. This could be because something else is going with their body like stress or fatigue. Here are a couple of tips to fight off those cravings.

Change your environment

Lighting and temperature could be impacting your craving so make sure gat you keep your home at a comfortable temperature or throw on a sweater to keep your body warm. This will help your body so it doesn't think that you need additional calories for survival.

Get more sleep

Reducing fatigue by getting adequate sleep is imperative for athletes. Getting enough sleep will

Help balance your hormones which regulate feelings of hunger and fullness.

Get Moving

Stress and boredom both impact is to snack when we are not hungry. By distracting your thoughts and keeping from being bored go for a walk, workout or get outside and connect with nature!

Here are some healthy snack recipes that are great for the days you are on the go and are freezer friendly!

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