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Healthy Snacks - Energy Bites!

This is the second post in a series of healthy snack options for Athletes – Energy Bites (Here's the link to the first post in case you missed it)!

When training for an event it’s important that over eating doesn’t occur so it’s imperative that we eat mindfully and respect our food. Treat each snack as a smaller meal by taking one serving; this will help with portion control so that overeating doesn’t occur.

When grabbing a snack, place it on a plate so that it helps you determine portion size and avoid multitasking and focus on eating your snack. Try and taste each ingredient and identify the different textures that are presented in your snack. By doing this it will help activate enzymes needed to digest and assimilate your food which is needed for increased energy!

Energy bites, also known as energy balls, are a good go-to when traveling or can be used during training. When making them, pack them full of super foods (hemp & chia seeds, etc). Energy balls are healthy and can be varied in texture, taste and nutrients.

Here are some energy bite recipes that are quick to prepare and nutritious - Enjoy!

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