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Healthy Human Review

Disclaimer: Healthy Human provided trial product. I was not paid for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

While training for sports it is important that we hydrate well and consistently throughout the day. Proper hydration is required for good health and for body systems to function properly. The body cannot store water so we must constantly provide it with water to maintain our body’s systems. Water plays an important role as it helps carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells, regulating body temperature, moisturizing skin, convert food to energy and even helps with eliminating the by products of the body’s metabolism.

Many factors come into play when determining how much water an athlete needs to replenish their body. Environmental, age, weight, workout intensity and current physical condition all play a role when deciding how much to hydrate.

As important as water is to your health, sometimes it can be challenging to get your required intake in each day. Finding products that makes this task easier and more enjoyable can be difficult.

This year I have been introduced to Healthy Human and I loved their product immediately! Their product line contains stein water bottles, tumblers and pints – reusable drink-ware that are perfect for hydrating before, during or after a workout! The steins are very impressive and kept contents cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They work amazingly! Their products are BPA-free and have stainless steel interior and cap so that none of your beverage touches plastic. One thing that I found that is really neat about this product is that it’s 100% recyclable.

The finish on the Healthy Human products is colourful, they have multiple colours to choose from – quite a large selection. They seem to be very rugged, I have traveled with mine quite a bit and there are no scratches or dents on my containers. The finish on the drink-ware doesn’t build condensation or feel too hot/cold to touch. I find the container easy to hold and the rim nice to drink from, it feels like good quality when drinking from the drink-ware. When drinking from my containers I haven’t noticed a metallic taste or any odours. Everything tastes as it should.

When you purchase your healthy human drink-ware you will receive it in a reusable the healthy human bag, click here for some ideas on how to recycle your bag.

If you’re interested in buying Healthy Human product here is a one-time use 15% off code on all Healthy Human products upon checkout on Amazon only. The code is active from now until 12/31/16.

Please use code – 15PALATE

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