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The "No Slip, No Drip" Headband

Disclaimer: Bondi Band provided product for a giveaway. A review was not requested nor was I paid for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bondi Band and The Athlete's Palate have partnered together to giveaway a headband, armband and compression socks. Enter the contest via The Athlete's Palate social media pages. The giveaway is open until August 31st. Read the review below!

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Over the years I have always had issues with keeping my hair back when playing sports. I had tried various headbands, they would slip off or would feel too tight. In 2008, I was at the Detroit Marathon expo and found Bondi Band headbands, they were light weight and were different widths depending how I wanted the headband to look. I picked up a couple, there was a deal if I bought more than one, so I split them with my sisters. I tried the head band during the race and it worked great. Not only did the headband stay on and not give me a headache it also acted as a sweatband. I sweat a lot when I workout so this was an added bonus! I have been wearing Bondi Bands ever since when I run, I also wear them under my cycling helmet. They are very thin so they fit under a helmet with no problem or discomfort.

Bondi Band Started in 2005 making head bands but have expanded to a full line of head gear, arms bands, arm sleeves, compression socks and running tattoos. There products are mainly targeted towards female runners and yogis but their products could definitely be enjoyed by male athletes.

Their product is made with good quality. There isn't much to their headbands but they last for years and don't fade. The ones that I have purchased have been very durable.

Headband features:

  • Wicks away the sweat

  • Lots of grip

  • Customizable

  • One size fits all

  • Lots of fabric colour and patterns

  • Different material width and thickness

  • Great for all seasons

The head bands are great for people with short or long hair that want to keep their hair held back and out of their face. Or if they sweat a lot and want to keep sweat out of their eyes. They are perfect for running, hiking, cycling, golf, yoga, rowing, and racquet sports, such as tennis. The list goes on and on...

The headbands are very affordable, some are as low as $5.00 USD and are usually available at a discounted rate when a few are purchased. I have bought the headbands at running expos and online and found that both were positive experiences. After placing my online they were at my house in a couple of days.


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