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Plane Food Not Plain Food!

Over the years I have traveled a lot while training, one of the most common questions that I am asked is how do I eat healthy while travelling? Here are a few things that I always bring to the airport and on the plane. When I have them on me I am not tempted to eat the airport food. They help me stick to my healthy lifestyle and keep me on budget!

Nuts & Seeds. They are a great source of protein and full of minerals. I only bring a couple of small bags one on my carry-on and the rest in my luggage because I find that I can easily over indulge. I also try not to bring a mixture with dried fruit because they contain too much sugar and I tend to crash later in the day. Some of my go-to’s are Pumpkin seeds which high in zinc, great for the athlete’s.

Natural Energy Bars. I usually opt for all natural and organic ingredients when buying energy bars for my travels. I also try and stay away from ones that have been sweetened by Stevia or Agave, that’s just a personal preference. I find that I don’t need the extra sweetness for taste. Two of my favorites are locally made, Kosuma Bars and Circle of Life.

Greens or Protein Shake. I usually bring both; one in my carry-on and one packed in my check-in luggage. In my carry-on luggage I bring an empty Tupperware seal-able cup that doesn’t leak. I add the greens or protein to the cup before I leave home and then fill-up with water either at the airport or on the plane. This is great to get extra water in your body since airplanes are dehydrating and the extra antioxidants from the greens are great to protect against the toxins.


Fruit. Fruit is such an easy food to carry with you. I like to bring bananas because they are filling and packed full of potassium, which is an electrolyte. However, if I know I won’t be eating the fruit early on my travels then I usually bring something more durable like an apple.

Cut-up Veggies/Crackers & Hummus. Unfortunately this one does require a little bit of prep and is difficult to do one those last minute trips. I cut up carrots and celery and spoon full of humus in the same container so I cut down on containers that I’m bringing on my trip.

Depending on where I am traveling to I may slightly modify my food to abide by custom regulations.


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