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10 Days of Lunches

Living a busy lifestyle and working in an office can make it difficult to find lunches that don’t need to be reheated. Unfortunately microwaves not only deplete nutrition from your food (Supported by Dr. Mercola) but they can also change the makeup of your blood (Supported by Dr. Mercola)

Eating fresh ingredients is important for sport performance. The fresher the fruit and vegetables the higher the nutrient density will be. This is important because food has been modified over the years to withstand transportation and your body won’t absorb all of the nutrients that you are eating. So how do you get the freshest ingredients? You could grow your own, buy from local farmers at their farms or through a co-op. The less time the produce has been harvested before eaten the better.

While working and training it can become difficult to get nutritious produce and come up with fresh new ideas for meal planning.

Here are some ideas for a 2-week lunch plan that can be pre made and great for those on the go. None of them need to be heated up – Bonus for busy athletes!

via Strength and Sunshine

via Chronicles of Passion

Southwestern Quinoa Salad

via That girl Shannon

via 24 Carrot Life

via Health Nut

via Food, Pleasure & Health

via I heart vegetables

via Live Lean Eat Green

via Pumpkin and Peanut Butter


Julie Sparkes



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